Harris County Veterinary Medical Foundation

Pet Loss Support Group

Sharing life with a companion animal allows you to truly experience love.  Our animals provide unconditional love, companionship, and affection.  Your relationship with them is unique and special.  Whether your pet dies, is lost, or must be placed in a new home, the end of that relationship can be devastating.

Feelings of grief over the loss of a pet are normal and natural.  There isn't any right or wrong way to grieve for a lost friend, and each person reacts individually.  Grief may be long-lasting, and it can manifest itself in many ways.

Saying good-bye and remembering your pet can help lessen the pain.  Sometimes, talking and expressing your feelings can help.  You might benefit from writing a eulogy, poem, or song for a memorial service for your lost pet.

To help you take the first step in dealing with your grief over the loss of a pet, the Houston SPCA's Pet Loss Support Group provides a safe and supportive environement to talk about your feelings and share them with others who are experiencing similar emotions.  The group meets at 7:00pm on the first Tuesday of each month in the Education Center of the Houston SPCA at 900 Portway Drive.  Attendance is free.  For further information, directions, or to receive a pet loss brochure, please call 713-869-7722.